Illinois 122, NC A&T 60 Postgame

Winged Warrior
Really happy to have these first 3 games before the gauntlet begins. Many positives, will find out much more soon enough.
Grandison with 10 points and 8 boards. Nice debut. Not Adam Miller nice, but nice.
Which one was your grandson?? /s

EDIT: Original poster typed "Grandson" on accident. :) edited.
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For everyone who wasn't sure about Adam Miller starting...please publicly out yourself and eat some crow
I’ll be honest, I was pretty confident in Trent, Ayo, Williams, and Kofi starting. But I was 50/50 on whether Miller or Bezhanishvili would start game 1 this season. I was expecting Miller to be a starter by January, but I wasn’t sure he’d get the start today. He’s definitely proven why he got it at this point!
I absolutely loved the intensity and energy on defense to start the game. They do a great job of making the other team uncomfortable and then finishing with a rebound. I love how many guys were crashing the glass. Come a long way from a couple years ago when we watched the other team offensive rebound at will.