Illinois 14, Minnesota 6 Postgame

You really never know what you're gonna get with this team. Seams like we can beat anyone or lose to anyone in the Big Ten. But man, if we had just won the games that we should have won, this could've been a special season. Bowl hopes not dead yet!


Paducah, Ky

Heyyyyyy P J , you's boat has sprung a leak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Illini with another big road win against a ranked opponent...Let's play more road games..............
Awesome win! And kudos to the defense. They played lights out for the most part.

Coach Bielema is the real deal and I'm so happy he's our head coach. There were a number of questionable calls but that isn't a big deal at all imo. We won the game on the road vs a ranked team.

The QB play situation still needs to be improved but I'm loving where we are heading moving forward.
Great road win. Just imagine if we would have taken care of business in the UTSA, Purdue, & Rutgers games! Congratulations Fighting Illini players & coaches!!!! Two road wins against ranked big ten foes.
Yeah we literally gave away those games which is frustrating to think about. But I'm very pleased with the big road game win vs a ranked Pedo State and today's win on the road vs a ranked Minnesota team. The players are trying their hardest and giving it all they got (it definitely looks like they are buying into Coach Bielema )
I'm loving this


Paducah, Ky
I'm trying to listen to the radio post game interview with BB.........worst radio today in all the many years I have been listening to it........

But , it was a great win and our defense is playing at an elite level.................
I am obviously happy…. But damn did we crap away our season early on or what…
It seems like it was this team struggling with success and changing their mentality. I’ve seen some hesitation all season because of the Lovie years. Huge cultural shift, but how long has it been since an opening season of a coach that was this interesting?