Illinois 47, Northwestern 14 Postgame

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Good for the team. I’m happy for them. As fans we weren’t happy with the season record and the team’s performance over the course of every game, but great to see them end the losing streak to NW and finish the season strong with a game that was never in doubt. And a great last play with Jake and Epstein in there. Looking forward to seeing how BB and staff end recruiting this year and attack the transfer portal.
I. L. L
It will be an interesting off-season, Illinois loses a lot of experience and starters. I think we go backwards for 2 years, unless Beilema can bring in impact transfers across sevetal positions. I hope I'm wrong.

Great to beat NU and now we need to win instate recruiting battles.
Do we still have a chance at a bowl game? If so would it be the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit?