Illinois 56, Michigan State 55 Postgame

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That was the purest looking free throw I've ever seen. How was that an attempt at missing? Hilarious.

I can't believe they won this game.

Trent: "First I give thanks to the LORD above." Well said young man.

Oh and he just said that Curbelo was out with the "Covid".
This game was the story of a man who made a lot of money in the first half of his life, then got increasingly reckless and irresponsible towards the end of his life. The man, once rocking gucci belts and prada socks, ends up within inches of dying on the streets.

[Deep exhale]

Not fuh nothin: a lot of role players are getting experience points and maturing, visibly.

Bosmans-Verdonk, from the last game to this one, looks so much more comfortable in scoring position. The Bos has gone from virgin to player.

Luke Goode. That pump fake and side step three? That's a demonstration of greatly increased comfort and confidence.

Add that to Plummer, Grandison, and Trent all ready to hit big shots.

The basketball gods are playing games with the threads of our destiny, for sure. But the thing is: all of these makeshift rosters and role players being thrust into the trenches is gonna make us super, super tough, not just for March of 2022, but also for the seasons to come.
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