Illinois 69, Ohio State 60 Postgame


This painting by Edmund von Donntrust-deezhoze depicts the 21st century Ohio State student. In the piece, Donntrust-deezhoze portrays the awkwardness and existential confusion that results from attending OSU. The rock represents life itself, and here we see the Buckeye posing questions of life. Questions such as “is this degree going to be worth anything?”, "why are numbers so mean to me?", “I wonder what this thing tastes like?”.


Did what we were supposed to do. Full stop.

Great defense from the jump to set that “y’all ain’t get s—- easy in our house” tone to start the game.

Really gotta appreciate the ball movement, screening, and creating shots for one another in the second half - hopefully we never forget to be this team again.
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We were clearly the better team. If you had told me we turn the ball over 12 times and shoot 18% from 3 I’d have thought we were in trouble. Instead with great defense and rebounding we nearly ran them out of the gym. The final score won’t be as impressive as the win really was.

Edit: and great free throw shooting!!!
We played like a top 10 team at times, and yet played like a bottom of the league team for stretches. Happy with a win, but man are we inconsistent. It's almost like the guys rest on offense but play tough D most possessions. Hope we are able to find it on both ends in the next 6 weeks.
Mayer Hawkins TSJ and Epps awesome games. We limited their 2 best players with our D. FTs % depends on who is at the line

Solid win against a good opponent who struggled lately