Illinois 79, Penn State 65 Postgame



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Energy from the tip is where it's at! Learn from it and reel off a few wins here.
A little emotionless near the end of the game but a good all around performance. Great to see the guys make their free throws tonight.

Some big ones coming up...hope we are ready!
Man that game was disjointed. Why are Big Ten officials so bad?Good game for Kofi. Hope we don’t have to wait 10 days for our next game
Kofi with 4 blocks and Coleman with 3, nice for us to get some for a change, that's 7 missed shots. We're getting some options at the 4, Grandison and Hawkins are bringing a nice spark along with Giorgi, who is giving us a nice different look at the 5 when spelling Kofi. Guards spot on other than Ayo who definitely is letting it come to him. More depth, hitting fts, diving on the floor, me likey. Also we haven't performed well after a long break (see last 2 games) looks like we are in the same boat this week.


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Ball movement was best all season. I know PSU was small but I think it translates to other teams. Underwoods a passing coach on offense. Maybe this is an awakening?
Hawkins brought a lot of energy, all three frosh played well. This is a great class.

Curbelo, the handles, oh my goodness.