Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

It was frustrating against the press, but some of the comments in game thread were funny. Did Illini have too many TOs against it? Yes. But there is a reason that teams press. If it was as easy to break at the major college level as some make out, no team would ever press.
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Richmond, VA
Great win! Still wondering why our press break isn't better and why we abandon our score in 7 seconds or less approach whenever we see a press?
Afraid of getting too sped up perhaps? I still think we'd be more successful aggressively attacking instead.

Fran Sad. Me Happy.

We gotta figure out how to attack pressure because we are gonna see a lot more of it. Find a way to get it up to Kofi when only one guy is on him.

Not easy when you’re as short-handed at Guard as we are.
We handled the press well enough that it didn't really matter much.
A really good win and great to go 2-0 in conference.