Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

The refs kept iowa in the game at the end. My experience in section B is the only thing worse than and iowa fan is.......well.....there's nothing worse than an iowa fan. Suck it iowa!!!
yeah there's Indy too. They are 1A and 1AA.


It’s always good to take a win on the road and learn. Yes, we struggled against the press, as did Purdue, but we did a lot of positive things. It is important to remember Hawkins and Curbelo haven’t played in an environment like this due to COVID At the college level. Hawk is oozing with talent.

And living on the ILLinois side of the Quad Cities and working on the Iowa side…this brings me great joy!
Certainly this year. The following 3 might be a tough argument.
Eh, I think it’s fine.

First, no way Ace was sticking around 5 years. So at most you are talking 2 years difference.

Miller will be a great player. But he’s 6’3 on a good day and I swear he has short arms because he gets his shot blocked an awful lot. We have 3 freshman, all of whom are shooters at 6’6 or better. But I think all of them are a year away.

Plummer is the perfect stop gap. Next year with our Sophs plus the incoming freshmen I don’t think we will miss Miller that much.
Certainly this year. The following 3 might be a tough argument.
I hear you, but today’s sport is different with transfers, declaring early to play overseas, enter the draft, etc. I will take the bird in the hand.
We had serious trouble getting Kofi the ball in the first half, partially because Iowa played some solid defense on him. The second half was a different story, though, and our All-American took over for long stretches. His ability to hit free throws and pass out of the post has completely changed how teams need to deal with him and made our half-court offense deadly.
You nailed it! He’s finding a new dimension with his game this year. I still think he could have went a little stronger to the hoop tonight at times but defense on him was good and refs weren’t calling any fouls on him.
I guess some will only accept a coast to coast 30 point win as being a "good game". I don't have FSN1 but just watching the ESPN gamecast had my heart pounding. Amazing and hard fought game. I saw in the game thread that Kofi was taking a pounding but not getting the calls. Couldn't see it but I sure believe it. Illinois always seems to get a physical game when they cross the Mississippi. Wouldn't want it any other way. I have family over there. Love to tell them about it.
Big guys like Kofi have always faced a different standard. Complaining about it is like cursing the darkness. But , I am amazed by his ability to keep his cool and avoiding getting called for cheap fouls on defense. That’s not easy for the biggest guy on the floor.
he is by far our most talented player.
Just because Kofi might very well have no NBA future doesn't mean he's not the most extraordinary talent on this year's team or last year's for that matter.

Curbelo's got a lot of talent too. So does Hawkins. So does Trent. We have a raft of talent on this team.

Anyway if we're going to see a different Curbelo when he comes back, fantastic. But the Curbelo we've seen last year is the same guy we saw once every three games last year, and we are developing a way to compensate for that again. We need to use it to whatever extent that makes us a better team.
Before tonight's win, this was the last time Illinois won in Iowa City:

This was Groce's final season in Champaign and, at the time, was only the 2nd true road win they had had to that point in the season (the other was at Northwestern about a week and half earlier). The final score of the game was 70-66. Malcolm Hill led Illinois with 21 points and 8 rebounds. Finke, Coleman-Lands, and Te'Jon Lucas each had 12 points for the Illini.
LOL bohannon was getting abused in this video, kinda funny that he's still there


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That was a real quality win at Iowa. Sure the turnovers were tough but it seemed like our shooting was mostly terrific and the defense was better, and rebounding much better than prior games. Winning on the road at Iowa is just huge, so a great game by our Illini.
Another one seemed quick too. Maybe the refs weren't adding "mississippi" to their counts. lol
On the second call (where the game clock moved just 8 seconds), it was following a missed Iowa free throw so the refs could have (should have) noted the time on the clock before the Illini rebound occurred.
Yessssssssss, that was sweet!!

Is it safe to say that if we can beat Arizona … we are 100% “back on track,” at least from an “on paper” or from a resume perspective? I’d honestly say so. While many wouldn’t have predicted a loss to Marquette or Cincinnati, we also didn’t know we’d get a shot at #11!

Massive opportunity on Saturday, and I cannot wait to be there!

Nice article from Iowa pov!
But the Curbelo we've seen last year is the same guy we saw once every three games last year
So the implication is that Belo only played well in 10 games last year... and those 10 games were so great that they earned him B1G sixth man of the year and All Freshman team? I'll take it! Can't wait for him to be back. We are so much more dynamic with him.

Good win tonight. Lots to clean up. But that's Brad's job, not mine. Bring on AZ. Wildcat is a delicacy around here.
Great win!!
It was nice to see Curbelo in the celebrations jumping around and celebrating with the boys