Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame


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I hope I never have your standards for my sports teams. That was a fun game and a huge win.
I fully understand your point. Playing on road in rivalry games are never easy and the referees stood with Iowa. That's why I said "I love it".
With this being said, I believe we are a way better team than this Iowa (we are a preseason top 10 team and I think we have potential to be even better than that), but we made 18 turnovers (including two consecutive 10-second calls), and Iowa got a 21-2 run in the first half.
I will try not to be too demanding and change my expression then: there are still plenty of space for improvement.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there are only 2 B1G arenas we haven’t won in since Underwood started here: Maryland and MSU

We’ll have a chance at both this year.
Pretty sure Underwood won at Maryland in the 2018-2019 season. After winning tonight I think MSU is the only place left


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LOL. Only a young person would hate Michigan over Iowa. Indiana is 2nd.

No one who lived through the Iowa's destruction of our basketball program could put them anywhere except first.
Unless you were actually at the Final Four game in Seattle. Don‘t get me wrong. It’s really kind of a toss up. I HATE Satan, and I will never forget Digger Phelps’ and LaPhonso Ellis’ roles in the abomination of their part in hurting Lou, Jimmy, and Deon. I also despise Bobby Knight’s Indiana, but since he left in such fitting disgrace, the Hoosiers in their oblivion are third on my list. I guess sitting through that game in Seattle with such high hopes, and then having the arrogant, obnoxious (is that redundant?) scUM fans heckle and berate us incessantly for the next three days before we could go home is too indelled in my memory bank…I did put a not very nice note on Satan’s office door when he was coach at UW Milwaukee when I was there for our daughter‘s swim meet, and booed him as loud as I could at the Regional game in 2005 at the Rosemont. Do those count?
LOL. Only a young person would hate Michigan over Iowa. Indiana is 2nd.

No one who lived through the Iowa's destruction of our basketball program could put them anywhere except first.
While the hate with Iowa has gone back up lately, that’s not really fair. IU is still probably our biggest rival historically, and many Metro East fans probably hate Mizzou the most!
I love DaMonte, but what exactly does he do that is a benefit ?
His job at the end was to stop Murray, how'd he do?
No help on the offensive end.
Just saying, against the pressure he did not help much
Damonte regularly defends players with a 5 inch height advantage. He is probably the 2nd best defender on our team. Trent is better, but we would never stick him on a 6’8” guy. KM is the leading scorer in the NCAA. We held him well below his average and only 1 point above his low scoring game this year. Oh, and Damonte played point guard and led the team in assists.


Not much talked about Trent tonight but 18 points, 8 rebounds and he finally had a good shooting night with 3-5 from 3. Struggled against the press a bit but Bohannon only played 17 minutes and was stapled to the bench for almost the whole second half because of Trent's defense on him. If he can keep knocking down his shots and get back to limiting turnovers like he used to then it's going to be huge for this team. Absolutely deadly with him, Plummer, and Grandison all being on fire from deep.


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Grandison is awesome on inbounds plays. Slice that game ball up 5 ways for Sneaky Jake, Kofi, Plummer, DMW, and Trent for closing out that game like champs. Hope it's not the last time we see Grandison play in Carver Hawkeye Arena. For that matter, hope it's not Kofi's last game there either.
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So BVD grabbed some good rebounds in the game tonight...but dang he sure didn't really look to take it back up and score on the offensive boards....passed back out to the perimeter on 2 or 3 occasions when I thought he should have powered it back up
BVD should not be shooting, ever.


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I feel Hawk will play better. I need to remember he really has only played in a handful of true road games against a hostile crowd like tonight. He and others will continue to mature and learn from tough road games like tonight. Its easier to deal with when we get the W. Great learning opportunity!
agreed...I think he got hosed on a couple calls tonight though too