Illinois Golf 2022-23

Just like NCAA basketball - single elimination.

Our guys played great this week. Just not good enought to make the finals. Top 8 finish is pretty good. Best finish by an Illini Sports program in last few years.

We salute their accomplishment and can't wait till next season
Not sure who to expect on the team next year. If Illinois wants to be very good again I'm not entirely sure who they'll have besides Hunt and Jackson. We need Hunt to have a great leap and Jackson could be a top 5 player next year. Voois should be ready but as a 4/5 not a 3 I don't think. God if only Jerry Ji never got hurt.
Going to be a very young squad. Voois, Jackson, hunt. After that pretty much freshmen if Jerry and lang don’t return. They have a transfer from Loyola coming in. Portal will be interesting.
From what I just heard today unofficially, Ji will be back. Lang is unofficially transferring to West Florida and walk-on barger will be going to ISU.


Western Suburbs
The team that Illinois lost to in the quarter-finals, Florida, won the golf championship 3-1.
I think we beat Florida at least 4 times this year. Of course we also beat Florida State badly at least twice. Golf is a funny game.
Amen to that.

The individual champion (from Florida…Biondi I think?) got SMOKED in his first round of match play.

I looked it up, if I’m reading it correctly, his opponent won 6 more holes than him. (Which is a beat down)

All that the day after winning the individual title.