Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

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Prediction: Pay sites "hear good things" about Smith to UI, "insiders" here claim it's a done deal, and then he commits elsewhere.

The first two are guarantees no matter what of course.

I've heard that things are going to change just before the announcement, and that 16 people will later post that this one really isn't on the coach because outside forces forced him to go a different direction on Wednesday morning.

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I have seen the following word used a few times in this thread and maybe some others describing some of the athletes BU is recruiting. "Bouncy". So there was the Flying Illini now we have the Bouncy Illini. OK, maybe not.

How about, The Bouncey Bradleys?:D
What are they saying over on the MSU boards?
They're saying that there's a 33.3̅% chance that Mark Smith commits, and if he does, then their chances on Tugs increases to 43.127% because he will want to play with Smith.
Is it true Tilmon will be with him at the announcement?
Somebody tell Jeff Gooodman that he's not allowed to speak in absolutes.
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Some posters on Tigerboard are speculating that the quiet on the Tilmon front is due to his working on his grades and school work. Some are a bit worried that he may not end up at Miznoz.

That wouldn't entirely suck if he didn't end up in Columbia...

They've been saying he's had grade issues for months. Just means they've painted themselves in a corner now that he's considering them, have to keep up the narrative.
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