Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 12th, 2021)

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Lucky guy you are! You got to witness and/or partake in:

* Eddie Johnson's last second shot in the home victory vs. #1 MSU and Magic Johnson
* home sellouts (~70,000) in the fall for Dad's Day, regardless of whom the opponent happened to be
* 14 cent beers at Dooley's/Kam's because the Illini football team was ranked #14 in the AP poll, and
* broken noses in Intramural football because punts were live plays and rushing the kicker was allowed

"And yes, I walked to class --- 32 block round trip, uphill both ways --- in record cold and snow. That's the way it was back then, and I liked it!"
And one of my sons is named Doug after one of my favorite all time great 3 point shooters. Mr Altenberger!!!

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Really? He's a classic, throw-back center, and there have been tons of those. He's bigger and stronger than most, has good footwork, and uses his body well. On the down side, he almost never passes out of the post, and never shoots more than 5 feet from the hoop.

Unfortunately, that's no longer a prototypical center in the NBA. Guys gotta be highly mobile, able to shoot and help spacing on offense, and come out and guard on defense. He's probably good enough to do the dirty work in the paint, defending and rebounding, and my guess is that alone can get him a paycheck coming off the bench somewhere, but I could see clubs taking a pass too. His touch around the basket is really good, but teams want centers who can shoot at least out to the FT line.
I agree with everything except your "Really?" lol. I think you made the point I was trying to make. He's not a modern NBA center. The question is how valuable is that to NBA teams.
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It's so nice to have a smooth signing day. No lost faxes. No confusing silence. No strange last-minute rumors.

Just players signing NLIs to play at a school they've committed to.

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Yes you do. Miller is proving each day that he does not want to be here.
I don't know about that. I heard via Werner's podcast that the coaches and Adam+"team" were supposed to have a discussion this week.

Don't know if that happened, but as I sit thinking about it, it's no different than any other professional situation that I'm sure we've all faced in our careers. You (adam) were sold on the potential of a role, you took it amongst other offers and when you started the job...the role and scope adjusted a little (even if by perception only). I believe BU was honest with him, probably telling AM that he could make a difference, be a key member of the team and have the chance to compete. Miller, being as successful as he was in HS, had the confidence and dream that he would come in and be a key contributing member of the team. Heck, I thought as a young Illinois grad, that I would be working on high level strategy and presenting to executive leadership all the time. I didn't know what I didn't know and it's humbling. I think AM had to take some of that medicine and maybe he gave his resume to a recruiter to see if the grass is greener on the other side, but I don't think that means he doesn't want to be here. I think he's just a competitive guy, saw his impact on the team didn't match up to his expectations, saw a peer of his (belo) surpass him as a contributor/star and his mind just has to get comfortable that it will take longer than he thought to reach the skill level he needs to move to the next level and perhaps this process is giving him the perspective he needs.

Or...this is just all BS and he chooses to leave for greener pastures anyways and hopefully they are greener for him!
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