Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 5th, 2021)

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“I like an up-tempo style of basketball. Of course I’d also like to find a great coaching staff and just a school that fits me as much academically as it does sports wise.”
Love seeing a kid who values the academics too. Says a lot of good things about him and tells you he's not just picking a school hoping that it will be a quick stepping stone to the next level.
Is Storr the first Kankakee Kay to play for the Illini since Harv Schmidt?
Kankakee is the place to be...

Fun facts about AJ's high school, Bishop Gorman:

-Snoop Dogg's kid went there to play football
-The teachers are Viatorians and Gorman is a partner school with St. Viator in Arlington Heights


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So many of them transfer to a prep school by their sophomore/jr. year. Somebody did an article on this a few years back and the list was very extensive.

And the problem with that, for the "home school" sometimes, is that these guys are already desensitized to being away from friends/family. Now sometimes maybe they see what that's like and don't like it too? Who knows.
It's a different world that's for sure. A lot of players transferred out of the Chicagoland area during covid because the season was almost canceled. Then Simeon specifically lost Casey after his freshman year. Im not sure where he lived but let's say he lived near Simeon. Nobody moves from the Simeon area to Tinley freaking Park in the south west suburbs & a wonderful area (Tinley Park High School) to the West Side of Chicago lock your car doors(Whitney Young High School). It's crazy


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I'm hearing good things/Illini about this guy also.
The headline of the article is nauseating, but it's nice to come across this little nugget within and get a little reaffirmation that prospects have their eye on us.

Illinois is the latest to offer.

"They're one of the top in the Big Ten," he said. "It just came yesterday. I never talked to them before, but I was always watching Illinois this year. They're a great, fast-paced basketball team. My playing style could fit there."

Can anyone ballpark what they think the final approximate rankings of Storr, Bass, and Podz could be (without sounding like total homers)?
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