Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of June 14th, 2021)

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University of Illinois
The Jugular Waffle tweets are from March, folks. Rando trolling to be sure, bringing them up now.
He retweeted the March tweet 10 hours ago and added “Stay patient”. Interesting, but don’t believe it for a second.


University of Illinois
More from junga.

Junga Waffler
Jun 1

This is the same man who broke the Adam Miller to LSU news 72 hours after he entered the portal. Kid has connections with no one on the staff, but the players themselves #illini
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Riley Morris

· Jun 1
Kofi Cockburn will be on the Illinois basketball team next year and if I am wrong I will take a year off of Twitter #speakitintoexistence
See you next year, Riley.
Dee Brown, Jerrance Howard, BU, among others in Normal. Some big time local talent
A person from Illini Guys was on WDWS Sportstalk this morning. He said a number of AAU coaches told him Chester Frazier was a Home Run Hire. He has a lot of connections all over the country. He said he sold K-State and Weber he will Kill it at Illinois. Good to hear.
Same guy was also very high on Owen Freeman. Excellent passer out of the post.
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