Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of June 21st, 2021)

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Buzz around Tinley Park. 6-10 Moussa Cisse on Memphis roster....remember the name for maybe a transfer to Illinois.
I brought him up a while back and there didn’t seem to be much happening. I would assume he will be looking for a starting spot if doesn’t find a paying gig.
Very high rated as a HS prospect, AAC Freshman of the year. He shot a remarkable 32.4% from the FT line (24-74)
Think he’d be exactly what we need at the 5. And plenty of minutes for him even with Payne in the fold. Those 2 would provide a Baylor-like presence at the 5, and could catch lobs from Belo all day. Hope we get him or someone similar.
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Tinley Park
Cam Christie is interesting!? His brother would not give the time of day (if we were drowning he'd throw us an anchor!") He picked Michigan St. No buzz on younger brother....maybe he hates our guts also?!
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