Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of June 7th)

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Chevy Chase, Maryland

Kofi II - Electric Boogaloo?

Let Fletch get hold of him and put on another 35 lbs and he's good to go.
Where do we stand with Owen Freeman? Based on his offers, this kid looks like a top 50 player nationally. Illinois, Iowa, Purdue, Butler, Ohio State and Wake Forest (and I’m sure others I’m forgetting or don’t know about) have all offered. I know he visited us this week. Is he a priority?

That Mid-Pro Academy program is loaded. We have also offered Ty Pence. Western Illinois has offered Brock Harding. And Bradley has offered Ethan Kizer. Does Alexander (or the staff in general) have a good relationship with this program?
Guy reminds me of Glen Big Baby Davis
I think there are decent odds he was quietly encouraged to look elsewhere by KU, as they were 1 over the scholly limit with him on board. I think he's the odd man out.
I think K leaving is going to possibly put Duke a little lower on the rung for recruits....just my opinion.
Not likely unless Duke starts losing some games.
Scheyer got the job that I'm sure many people covet. But that is a tough act to follow. Lots of pressure.
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