Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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aint 'Crootin thread without the PACKAGE DEAL mention.

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Glad Tate got to write an article regarding Liddell based on this boards whispers. I kid, but at least that’s how it came across to me.

Does he have legitimate sources anymore, or is he grasping at rumors to get clicks?
You should go purchase the news gazette.
Thirty pages honoring the hall of fame sports writer loren tate.
By the way, he never said or wrote that lidell was transferring here.
He said it was possible and would be great.
I agree
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Just a reminder than Pods beat out Patrick Baldwin Jr. for Mr. Basketball in in Wisconsin. Baldwin is the #4 ranked player in the country....
Greg Paulus beat out Danny Green for Mr Basketball in New York. Look how that turned out. Believe or not Joey Toussaint was co-Mr Basketball with Curbelo in his Junior year. People were shocked even though Toussant had good numbers, he did not have the year Curbelo had that year.
Any chance he is really tight with O or Chin (believe we finished 2nd to Creighton originally) and he’s the reason Hickman decommitted from UK? O and Chin aren’t bringing any other PGs with them to UK, right? Right?
This is why, though it pains me to do so, I kind of hope TyTy picks Kentucky. Do I believe the insiders who say there's no way Curbelo goes to UK? Yes. Do I still want some extra insurance? Yes, and what kind of Illini fan wouldn't?
He is from Chandler, AZ which is about 2.5 hours from Tucson. A kid wanting to stay close to home isn't terribly surprising, especially after removing the shadow of Coach Miller's recruiting questions.
illiniguy24 said:
Fairly surprising since they will not be very good, I don’t think, at least
Adding the best point guard in the class would be a step to remedy that tho.
Both valid points