Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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This was the slogan of the Groce era.

That’s what I was thinking. Coming in 2nd didn’t help Groce keep his job. And coming in 2nd isn’t going to help Underwood win games.
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True but this staff knows not to put all our eggs in one basket and have some bonafide closers.
Plus there's a big difference in coming in second to UNC, Duke, Kentucky, etc for recruits and coming in second to ND, FSU, Texas AM, etc. We are winning the battles against those other schools now
NIL does not allow the school to pay players. It only puts an end to disallowing students to profit from their celebrity. If they stopped requiring classes, they might as well just disband and start a minor league. (there are a couple entities trying to do this right now)
Well, we know one school that didn't make their players go to class. NCAA said it wasn't their problem.
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