Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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I usually get my 247 info from here, but I checked it out today for Whitmore. Perhaps I'm not remembering correctly, but it seems like they had a lot more "experts" in years past. Am I missing something? Just 6 people opining on Whitmore. Clicked on a top 10 recruit with just 3 "experts"
The desert
It is Big 10 media day! Coincidence with Cam’s announcemen?

just saying
That's what it actually came down to...he plans on being a 1 and done and would rather do it close to home for family.
No issues with that.. Let's hope that Ty wants to play close to his high school teammates & aau coach
Amazing how quiet this board after the announcement. Everyone expected Nova, but still this board does not have the emotion it used to.
Wow..... just a couple of weeks ago we thought we would get Cohern, Whitmore , and Oweh.......I'm surprised we haven't pulled in some more talent with our 2 guards coming next year.
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