Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Hope Fletch body will give him the motor but not sure that isn’t more of a personality characteristic. Think he has the physical abilities but does he have the competitive drive?
All comes down to this million dollar question. I like taking a swing on the high potential, as long as there is an out should he not make adjustments in his approach. While I trust BU wouldn't take on a risk without a reasonable chance of reaping a worthwhile reward, the fact that rubbing shoulders with several high-character NBA-caliber players (who won the NCAA championship no less) didn't help him learn how to approach the game like a dedicated professional is concerning. I have a lot of faith in this staff and its culture, but it's not like DD is coming from some ho-hum program without a strong culture behind it too. Will be interested to see how his career unfolds -- there's no doubt the kid has NBA potential if he can dedicate himself to his craft and embrace playing a defined role.


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If Boswell isn't happening, I think Ames becomes the priority target. Very similar to the Rodgers, in the sense that he's a VVG 2 way player and a dawg. In other years Ames would be a Plan A guy for sure. Lefty, to boot.
Whats your gut feeling about Boswell Joel?
I like the new transfer. Will be a good backup to Payne next season and probably start the following season. He will have time to learn the system, get into shape and get healthy.
Am I mistaken or did anyone else see a tweet that said Fears will be at ND game? Wasn’t he just at a game very recently?
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