Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Maybe at Center we can have Omar play defense and Dain offense, kinda like old style girls basketball. Not Kofi but close.
S.Harris will be fine, he was having to do too much yesterday and forced some things. He is very fast, good with the dribbles and decent shot. I see him as a wing and combo guard. I still think the comps are closer to Luther than Gill. But like someone mentioned, he will be the first Sinsere.
A combination of Fears, Epps, and Harris will give us tremendous ball handling/control.
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Ty Rodgers plays a lot more like Draymond Green than Roger Powell.
Ty is the karma Izzo is/will reap for the Sissoko hit. Kid that plays like Draymond, is from the same (relatively) small Michigan town, has a famous uncle that played for Izzo, and yet...he goes to Illinois. Gotta love it. Hope he has to watch Ty have four years of similar success here.
This was in Jeremy Fears recent likes. He must be scrolling through a lot of old Illinois content to find this post from 2020


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