Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Colorado Springs, CO
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Another perfectly great Saturday wasted

I think everyone, NBA, portal deadlines, kids and schools selection, etc should be May 1

After May 1 ban recruiting


The desert
Live in AZ and its 100 already, but no mowing is nice....Sorry, slow news period.....I still wish the other ILLINI in AZ fans would hook up for a game???
The Tucson Illini Club does things like that, though I can never go. Small children.
Different situation for me as HS senior and Nance as a pro-hopeful and upperclassman in college but I rarely talked to coaches during my recruitment. Point being it could be a technicality. Someone is talking on his behalf, perhaps.

I am not saying this rudely because I had the exact same experience as you, but we probably had that experience because we were nowhere as good or wanted as Nance or any of the other kids discussed in this thread. These kids talk to coaches every single day lol
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