Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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True, but in those days teams had 15 scholarships to work with. It wasn't possible to find playing time for that many guys.
I remember Lou Henson would have only 12 or so on scholarship as he wanted them to fight for playing time. Always had several scholarships open.
Great in the paint offensive - Illini since the 70's - JMO

1. Kofi Coburn
2. Deon Thomas
3. Brian Cook
4. Kenny Norman
5. Nick Anderson
6. James Augustine
If you’re going to say 70s, then. Nick Weatherspoon is on that list. 25 PPG and 12 rpg for Spoon as a senior. Over 20 and 10 for his career.

I love Augustine, but offensively he was average in the lane.
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