Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Some of the draw for me might be the Old Timey Hollywood Mystique…but I’d still have to say you’re right. She’s an 11, easy. Sophie and Ann too. It’s a tractor beam.

Then again…every now then you have to admit there’s some that get pretty darn close:


Efrem Winters backed by Derek Holcomb
Eddie Johnson backed by Kenny Norman
Nick Anderson backed by Kenny Battle
Deron Williams backed by Dee Brown
Derek Harper backed by Kendall Gill

Not sure what we were picking, but I was bored of seeing Bewitched
You can do a lot better at center. Both Brian Cook and Deon Thomas should be ahead Mr. Winters, and far ahead of Holcomb.
He's a '24 (not that I'd be complaining, lol). flash:
I figure he's shown enough that most schools who would prioritize him have already offered. I don't think most players still have an open recruitment for 18 months after a Duke offer. Seems like a freshman would like to lock themselves in these days rather than letting next year's portal potentially flip the script.

That's my biased thought process at least.
Thomas, yes, but Cook over Winters? Not for me.
Winters is before my time as an Illini fan so I can’t make that comparison however, I loved Deon but I’m taking Brian. I know Thomas is the all time leading scorer but Cook had to share the ball with much more talented teammates. And the way he schooled Arthur Johnson in the Braggin’ Rights game when Miznoz thought they were all that and a bag of chips is one of my fondest memories.
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