Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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One more for the list ...

Corhen and Davis added. Based on your comment should we consider Davis a priority target?
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To those on the inside: why would Wolf be interested in Michigan and not us? Or are we not interested in Wolf?

Not on the inside but I believe it was Ant Wright who suggested on X that Wolf was only looking at very top academic schools. He mentioned Michigan and Northwestern.
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So if we can have Jake Davis and Johnell Davis, we'd atleast have the beginning pieces in place to get to the "All Davis Team" that I've been dreaming of for years.

It's too early to get excited. I know. 🤞


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another year of Coleman where he didn't have to guard the 5 would be something indeed
We just lost the only guy under discussion really capable of taking that duty from him, and showing some development there would really help his NBA future.

And I'd be gutted for him if the knee took away the path he really wants to pursue, and depending on how serious it is a surgery might be something that costs him part of next season.

But all of my customary doom and gloom aside, it would be a gigantic coup to get him back.
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Think it's on the table ... Especially after the news on the knee ...

I say return 5 for now because there are still some things that have not played out in terms of the portal and we certainly are not going to force anyone out ...
Okay got it got it. We might actually return 6, if I understand correctly. 1 of the two we expected to announce already hasn’t, and hawk comes back.
I talked to a staff member today ... Do NOT be surprised if we over sign by 1 ... They are actively looking into a lot of guys and there's a lot to play out but over signing is on the table ...

And no ... No one would be creaned ... It would be by design ...
What is being Creaned? Asking for a friend...:D
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