Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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They used to advertise "Free Smells." You should at least stick your head in one of their locations and take advantage.
I have friends who swear by Jersey Mike's, but to be honest I've never had one. Not a Firehouse either.

IMO best cold is JJ's and best hot is Potbelly's. Also have the occasional Subway as there is a nostalgia thing there.

Worked at the JJ's at Green & Locust 36 years ago...still open same location.

Sub thread!
I shared the idea with Sean ... He got approval ...

I shared the idea with Brad ... He likes it ...

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Who are you?? haha
We just lost the only guy under discussion really capable of taking that duty from him, and showing some development there would really help his NBA future.

And I'd be gutted for him if the knee took away the path he really wants to pursue, and depending on how serious it is a surgery might be something that costs him part of next season.

But all of my customary doom and gloom aside, it would be a gigantic coup to get him back.

every indication seems to be that we're getting a 5 in the portal one way or another, and I love DD as much as anyone but he was not a consistent defensive force.
How in the name of all that is holy, did this not get more attention last year? NIL effectively generating more scholarships for the big dogs.
It was definitely discussed, but more as a joke or a 'death of college sports / can't happen' thing. But for sure some here said scholarship limits were pointless in an NIL world. No rules anymore.
Corhen: great frame. athletic specimen. working with Fletch, could vault himself into Antonio Davis land (ie, monster)
Corhen looks great, but would he be expected/asked to play the 5? Seems similar to Coleman, Amani, and Rez in that it'd be better if he could play the 4? Or am I off base there?


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every indication seems to be that we're getting a 5 in the portal one way or another, and I love DD as much as anyone but he was not a consistent defensive force.
I trust we'll get a true big as well, and of course Morez is very promising, even if I can't have total faith in a true freshman guarding a bunch of wily 23 year old bigs with grown man bodies.

But anyway, Hawkins' secret superpower is that he makes so many lineups possible with his guard skills in a body that rebounds and protects the paint.

He lets Ty Rodgers just play a pure junkyard dog role without worrying about floor spacing.
I'd say he's in that group ... They are going to pursue and if it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out ...
I’ve noticed not a lot of 5s, besides the kid of FSU just now. Are we expecting MJ to be an immediate starter?
Think it's on the table ... Especially after the news on the knee ...

I say return 5 for now because there are still some things that have not played out in terms of the portal and we certainly are not going to force anyone out ...
Is he going to need minor surgery that will prevent him from summer nba workouts?


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Guys 99% confirmed back list updated:
Luke Goode
Ty Rodgers
The step-change in the comfort and fluidity on the court that we saw from DGL and Amani the final month of the season was striking. Can't wait to see both of them contribute next season. Can tell that Amani is a "culture" guy already and DGL isn't far behind. Solid nucleus and so important to retain Luke and Ty not only for their abilities but also their cultural leadership.
Does anybody know if we're interested in the FAU transfers? Davis just entered the portal and Goldin entered a few days ago. Both are really good, been successful in the tourney, and both fill a need here.
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