Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Think you meant more TOs than assists're supposed to have more assists than TOs.

He'd be another Jake Davis. Feel like we need someone with experience, someone you could trust, to play that role.

Someone I've been mentioning all along: Monsanto. IMO, Watkins and Monsanto would be simply...
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Realistic possibility right? ...I hope it is at least...
Watkins would be a big tier drop down from Wells or Kelly. I hope we don't end up with him needed to be the playmaker.
Lol what? Watkins is the best player of the three and I don't think it's super close.

Wells would be my 2nd choice and then I think there is a decent gap to Kelly. Though Kelly is a guard with good size and very good athleticism he simply hasn't been super efficient.
I’d put us at or near the top.
That is a bidding war we can’t lose

It is looking more likely he will come back to college IMHO given he’s likely looking at a two way contract and he could make 7 figures and improve his draft stock by returning
I don't either but I like to pretend I do and agree with you insiders
Just watched a bunch of Watkins highlights. I'm sold. Perfect complementary wing to Tre White. Bring him on.
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