Illinois vs Kansas (Charity Exhibition Game), Sunday, October 29th, 5:00pm CT, BTN

I think you're forgetting how good Henson and Kruger were. We've known for generations that we could (should) be a basketball power. No one, not even Self, has been able to quite get us over that ledge to a championship.
I know it's all what ifs.but had self stayed we would of had Charlie v on that championship team I think hands down we would have beat the tar heels that game
The refs would have fouled him out just like they did Augie.
Maybe but it definitely couldn't of hurt to have had the 7th pick overall in the 2005 draft with the talent we already had.that game was close enough even with the refs bad calls

the national

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Not inexpensive but a great cause. I’d be in for it (but will have to wait for a public sale)


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Boo’ing is low class. Just cheer the Illini,
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We should all want a huge pile of money to go to those who need it, to be sure. If that involves selfie then so be it. Personally, my only gripe with how selfie concluded his tenure at Illinois is his refusal to be interviewed by anyone remotely connected with the University whether it was the sports radio stations or the television stations in the state of Illinois. If he'd done nothing out of the ordinary on his way out he should have been more than willing to express his feelings and thought process. It appeared that he slithered away in a bit of a slimy manner. In addition, I'm not at all confident that selfie would have been able to keep the Illini out of the cross hairs of the NCAA had he stayed at Illinois. When you're waist deep in recruiting mud at a place like Kansas with their protections in place Illinois may well have been much less fortunate in defense of selfie's recruiting tactics.
Personally, my only gripe with how selfie concluded his tenure at Illinois

Totally get why people have strong feelings about it. Some insiders posted long after that Guenther thought he had a deal, and wouldn't keep playing ball when the bidding went up. No idea how much, if any of that story is true, but in retrospect, a coach doing what's in his best interest seems pretty normal. If you didn't like some of Self's personality, though, that ending would seal the deal. For me, it doesn't make a lot of sense to love his salesmanship when he was recruiting and running the program, but then turn around and hate him for being a salesman in many other respects, like shopping around for the best salary or AD or booster support.

As far as the NCAA's pathetic handling of the FBI investigation into player payments, I put that on the NCAA. It's mystifying how willfully uneven the rules enforcement is, but that's another story.