Jan 5th Games

Pulling for Michigan State to hang a loss on Rutgers, so they both have three losses, even though I believe Izzo's team is more dangerous in the long run.
BU:1 Trash cans:0
Heartbreaker for NC State. They led almost the entire game. And they absolutely fell apart near the end of regulation and in OT.
Having now watched nearly every Big 10 team at least once, my power rankings for the top half of the conference are:

1. Iowa
2. Wisconsin
3. Illinois
4. Michigan
5. Rutgers
6. Michigan State
7. Minnesota

And Michigan has the easiest full-season schedule if I recall correctly.
BU:1 Trash cans:0
MSU just double-blocked a Rutgers shot. Once coming out of the hand, and second time in mid-air. Lmao.
As poorly as Rutgers has played in the first half and only down 6 should give Sparty some concern.....not a well played game by either team
BU:1 Trash cans:0
Neither of these teams (Rutgers and MSU) have someone who can consistently initiate their offense.
Michigan State is stomping the monkey squat out of the Scarlet Pimpernels.
Paducah, Ky
They were outscored by 27 in the 2nd half.

Thats too bad .....