Kofi Cockburn enters NBA Draft

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They were pretty quiet about that 320# when he came in. He was listed as 285 during the season and there was talk of him getting to 275-280 to play NBA ball. I know he doesn’t have much body fat, but I’m surprised to see him at 293 now. I would have thought he would have tried to come in a little lower for the combine. Maybe he’s hearing something different than what the pundits were spouting?


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That tiny little photographer (who I am sure is a grown-!!! man) is helplessly holding up his hand like "stop!" lest he be totally flattened by Kofi.



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I imagine not all participants test but there are 79 players invited to the combine this year. If most test that is impressive considering he’s the biggest dude in the draft.
And his no-step vertical is in the top 1/3 then.
The results for Centers look to favor Diabiate, Koloko and Michael Foster, Jr. with Kofi coming in about 4th. But then you notice that of those three Foster is closest in weight to Kofi and he is 54 pounds lighter. For his size, Kofi compares well to the others. I note that Tevion Williams and Drew Timme didn't exactly jump off the page of results.


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Not that Kofi will be anywhere close to Shaq in the NBA, but I still had to compare the combine numbers out of curiosity... Shaq was bigger and his vertical was crazy.

Kofi - 6'11" tall, 293 pounds, 29.5" standing vertical leap, 32.5" max vertical leap, 7'4.25" wingspan, 8.2% body fat

Shaq - 7'1" tall, 303 pounds, 35" vertical leap (max?), 7'7" wingspan, 12.2% body fat

Source: A Historical Look at the NBA Pre-Draft Measurements (DraftExpress)
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