Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

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I'm not sure how much more my heart can take this off season. This was a huge bit of bad news. I bet he plays for a blue blood though unless a big name donor has a lot of money to throw to Kofi.
Look, I get everyone is upset if he goes to another program, but, were we not already assuming him being gone for next year up until about 24 hours ago?

If he doesn't want to be here, fine, be gone. I'd welcome him back in a heartbeat, but it's NOT the end of the world if he leaves.
the only place that makes sense is kentucky. I don’t know know why he would go anywhere else.
Probably UK but they only take “NBA players”.....Maybe he’s going somewhere he can cash in on his Jamaican/Caribbean fame like New York or Miami?
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I saw in the fball thread, that today, 7/1, was the deadline to enter the portal and be able to transfer without waiting.
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Has he said he's not coming back here? Or just that he's taking all offers and we have to recruit him? Other players have returned back to their schools after going to the transfer portal.
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If Kofi does end up at UK, then brad needs to hold a presser and publicly retract ALL the great things he said about those two traitor moth******ers and tell Slimapari to stop being a parasite on the Illini program and build one himself at UK instead of relying on 1 and dones....................

Just My Very Pissed Off Humble Opinion.........................................
officially? wonder what exactly has made it official that he wouldn't come back.
Absolutely nothing. It's a terrible take. Is it likely that he's gone? Probably, but that's the same place we've been since he declared for the draft.

Would it hurt a bit if he thinks he can maximize his earning potential in '21-'22 at another school instead of going pro or returning to IL? Absolutely, but I can't hold it against him.
I’m so confused. Outside of Kentucky where would he have more publicity that Illinois? He’s already a house hold name in the sport. We will be better than UK with him on the team than him on Kentucky.

Why is it official he wouldn’t come back? Unless the Dawson kid already signed or something which I’m sure isn’t the case.

This sucks. No way he gets hung in the rafters if he goes to another school.

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The knee jerk reactions are so eye roll inducing.

Yeah it sucks. 24 hrs ago there was a pretty slim chance he even came back to illinois in the first place. Putting your name in the transfer portal is going to only become more common.
Pretty devastating to say the least for the Illini. For Kofi I think it makes a lot of sense. Probably starting to realize the NBA might not happen, so why not try to make as much money over the next 2 years of college before starting professionally in a lesser league. As many others are saying, I'd imagine this will become the standard in college sports from now on.
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If he goes blue blood, he will just be "another". Here, he is becoming a legend. I hope that it makes a difference. I am sure that Josh can make some calls, if it is just about $$$.
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