Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

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Recruiting is "fluid"...

I'm not getting sucked in until I hear something Friday.
I get the lack of passing and outside shooting skills as a weakness with Kofi at the pro level. However at the college level if you add fg attempts and to’s and divide into points, it is 1.12 points every time you give him the ball. Why would he pass it out when the team is .81. Maybe teams will find a ways to defend him in the future but not much of a problem with most teams now.
What this approach does NOT quantify, is what’s the offensive efficiency when he gets a touch but doesn’t shoot or get a TO. I would imagine it’s higher than the 0.81 by nature of ball movement and any passing out of double teams is going to help your offense, but I’d be curious how that looks.
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If all of this is true, unbelievable how Kentucky writers and fans are ruining Kofi's moment.
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The rest of the reactions to that Rowland tweet are pretty good, if only say their fan base can't claim they never wanted him.

I think we can all agree it's incumbent on us to make Kofi the richest damn player in college ball if he comes back.
Agree here. And sort of a random NIL question. Obviously in the past Nike and the schools have been selling Illini jerseys, most recently with number 11. Are Nike/the schools now allowed to sell “Cockburn 21” jerseys and, if so, presumably Kofi gets a cut?
I love Kofi and hope he does come back. That being said this isn't going to ruin his moment if gossip gets out. That is exactly what draws more attention to the matter. Kofi knows where he is going already and decided to wait longer to announce it. Kofi is the one that entered the transfer portal and decided to keep all his options open. I doubt rumors and a few sour grapes from any fan base will cause Kofi to miss a meal anytime soon. Wishful thinking from those worried on the forum world.
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