Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

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FSU was never legit, just to build up some suspense for Friday. Friday should be fun

Don't you mean.....

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"Old Ironsides" (my cup) is at the nearby metal fab shop getting an extra layer installed. Preventive measures that hopefully won't be utilized on Friday.

Iron, huh? Titanium is all the rage in South Carolina these days. It's a bit more expensive than iron, but I've been using the same one since Cliffmas. I bought a 4-cup set (my three sons are Cardinal fans).
I mean....FSU is a pretty solid option if you are trying to make the NBA. Leonard Hamilton really has a low-key great program going on down there. Are his players stars in the NBA? Not yet. But they are getting drafted.

I would still think Kofi could do the best for himself (his brand) by staying here rather than going to FSU. But I do see the appeal.
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Well, I am certainly hopeful. Will not break out the bubbly until I hear it from Kofi, himself, but it is nice to see Kentucky fans pulling the same bs I see on this board when we think someone is going elsewhere.
Too much drama for me. All I will say is I hope Kofi comes back. And yes I will buy his gear, but not to encourage him to come back, but it will be awesome to go to SFC with a Kofi jersey or whatnot, and see the Illini kick some Iowa, IU, MSU, MU, who cares...a$$. Wish Kofi the best, and hope UI is the best in his view. With him regardless, and do not blame him for entering the portal at all. What was the downside...in the long run? He had to decide when he did. Go Kofi. Go Illini.
I hope the leaks are real, next year will be even better than I was expecting.

Imagine that team and a FULL SFC.
I recently moved to Cincinnati from Georgia and I’m excited to be within driving distance of Champaign and multiple cities I can see the Illini in. I fully plan on catching at least 1 road game and 1 home game this season. Will be the first time I’ve seen them since they blew out Auburn at the Hawks arena in Atlanta!
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