Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

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Wow. Ethical and Coach Cal in the same sentence. And they said it couldn't be done!
It’s quite simple honestly…
If one wants to know if Coach Cal is ethical, history and a coaching career filled with obvious answers validate that he is not.
After watching this whole event play out, the ones whose reps should take the biggest hits are the despicable goofs Chin and OA.
Choosing to go to UK to coach, I get that, but trying to poach a player like this ?

In a business that generally lacks integrity often, this seems a markedly low move. Won't miss them.
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I probably could have made it more clear, but the Kofi not good enough, Cal too ethical line was in full sarcasm mode.
Exactly. This is a “saving face” campaign. He has doubts Kofi is coming so they are putting it out there that they didn’t really want him anyway.
This is comical...and some of the responses are better yet!

Today I learned I'm glad I'm not a Kentucky fan. What a horrible and deluded worldview. When they drop the ball it is due to external circumstance but when another team does, it's that teams fault. Fundamental attribution error. They're like rich and entitled kids minus the teeth.

At least our fanbase is (too) honest.
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