Las Vegas games (Nov. 18th & 20th)

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Just give me your credit card number. I'll take care of the rest.
Happy Illinois Football GIF by Fighting Illini Athletics

Good try 😊
Does anyone know if there are any school or club sponsored events this week? Throught I saw something in a previous thread, but don’t remember exactly where

Ransom Stoddard

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Any kind of pregame/postgame rallies? Any kind of meet and greets? I guess generally also any kind of social gatherings outside of the games as well. Just thinking about how to plan my days in Vegas!
That stuff usually gets posted on as the games get closer, or you'll get it emailed to you if you're an IFund donor or season ticket holder.
The Illinois Michigan football game is on the Saturday that the Illini bball team is in Vegas. Anyone know a bar in Vegas that where we can gather to cheer our boys on?
I'm down! Arriving in Thursday and got 2nd row seats. Man would it be nice to beat UCLA, SCUM, AND either Baylor or Virginia. Can't wait!
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