Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

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Let's stay classy Illini Nation. Loyola was the better team today. Hats off to them. Underwood got outcoached, but we'll keep getting better in years to come.

We had a great year just a bad finish. I'm proud of these guys and proud to be an Illini.
Loyola was just way better than us today. Excellent defensive game plan. Blitzed Ayo with the double team and he couldn't handle it. Still recovered to Kofi. Worked us on defense. They deserve it. Fantastic performance. I think they'll get to the Final Four if they keep playing like that. They are a legit top 10 level team.

Great season by our guys. Thank you to Ayo/Kofi for coming back when they didn't have too. Damonte shooting 50%+ from 3 was amazing. Frazier had a good year. Gonna miss all 4 of those guys if they all leave next year.

Underwood has a rebuild on his hands. Lets hope Curbelo can step up be that alpha to keep us a top 20 team.
I blame Ken Pomeroy./s

Also, Loyola was massively underseeded. I thought they were a 3 or a 4. But the NCAA doesn’t do narratives so we just got unlucky there.

So many assumptions about so many things all undone in one game.
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I dont think we ever showed up from the start.
Getting off to a bad start against that team was asking for trouble. We needed to come out with energy and we didn't.
Hats off to Loyola. They had an incredible game plan and stuck to it for the full 40. They outplayed, out-executed, and outhustled us from start to finish. They are a good, experienced team who no doubt had the added motivation of wanting to knock out the flagship state school on the biggest stage of them all.

It hurts, but it is what it is. Nothing we can do but learn from this and hopefully we'll be better next year for it.


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How about the players didnt show up. Coach can only do so much. Hopefully the locker room is full of mirrors


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Unfortunate end to a great season. Looking forward to next year! Hats off to Loyola.


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everything the threw up went in. unbelievable.
Sad way to end the year. Hate that Loyola beat us, but I'm rooting for them going forward. Gonna miss seeing Ayo, Frazier, and Damonte in the orange and blue. I hope Kofi is back for another year next year.
KC made dramatic progress offensively this year. His performance today against Krutwig was unimpressive.
Congratulations to Loyola, they were the better team from start to finish. I will pull for them & the other Big ten schools in the tournament. Sad end to a great season in very challenging times. Ayo had one of the best seasons ever in the orange & blue. I'm selfish, I hope to see him next year in Champaign.
You really think that team was well coached today? Zero adjustments and totally unprepared
Completely agree. Underwood had zero answers and coached a horrible game.

No answer for their offensive sets. No answer to the Ayo double. No answer to the high ball screen.

And not to mention horrible rotations with trying to get kofi rest. He was GASSED.
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