Mark Dantonio announces retirement

Lotta MSU fans were talking about him retiring after this season. The detractors felt his formula wasn't working in the modern game, and was more suited to historical play styles that linger in the BIG.

His legacy will be a lot better for it. Guy had an amazing run.
He took advantage of Penn State and Michigan's downturn and now that they are swinging back up, his teams are not as talented. Good time to get out

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Well if he let them know it would be classy. Tough time to find a coach
If he would have let them know after the season ended they probably could have just given him the money early as a "retirement gift" and hired the next coach during a more traditional timeline.
This was a good move for him and MSU. They didnā€™t want to fire him, but another disappointing season and they would have no choice.