Mark Smith signs with Illinois



New York
Fantastic. So cathartic watching him pull out an Illini hat. Smithmas purging the bad feelings of Cliffmas

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OMG - I thought that hat was green when he put it on with his back to us.. I was expecting Orange!!!
Never been happier to been wrong, means so much that he would roll the dice with us, really excited for this team next year, I honestly would have been depressed as fuk about this team if he pulled another hat out.
Robert @ALionEye
Fun fact: the Edwardsville athletic director who talked for a long time: former Illini linebacker Joe Bevis' dad.
What a night! Congrats to Mark Smith, his family, and Coach Underwood and staff.

Go Illini


Pittsburgh, PA
the fact that the official Illinois mens basketball twitter tweeting about him means he already sent in a LOI or what?