Marquette 67, Illinois 66 Postgame

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Illinois basketball.
Just add this to the list of gut punching losses over my 30 some years of being a fan.

AC was on another level tonight.


The desert
Good grief, some of you guys are ready to just cut Curbelo completely after one bad game. The kid is a sophomore who was handed the keys to a top 10 team after Ayo went pro. Clearly it got in his head a little bit and he tried too hard to put the team on his back instead of just doing what he does. He'll learn.
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Maybe this is a game Belo needs to come back to earth. It was if someone else was in his jersey. A doppleganger maybe.
It's better to have one of these games now then later in the season. But AC cost us this game pure and simple. Too much dribbling, half-!!! passing, and sloppy hero ball. But I blame BU for not taking him out and reminding him of them. And even more for not calling that time out. They needed to have a set play after watching the Cubelo show for the last 9 possesions. We didn't deserve to win that game, but even worse neither did Marquette. They were terrible.
BU can make a smart change anytime during a game...but dont see it was almost like the false hope we had with Loyola.

You can love a player and still pull him if he's hurting team. This is all on BU IMO.
Curbelo should be benched until he can prove to be a serious person with at least a shred of discipline. That was a horrible performance.

Way to casual of a ball handler for someone like shaka smart's defense.
Wow I have horrible Groce flashbacks right now, like what even did I just watch. I thought we were passed all of this but clearly some expectations may need to be reset.
This is on BU for letting AC play like that down the stretch. Bench him. We had momentum through Trent and just ???????
Eh maybe Underwood’s playing the long game. Curbelo’s gonna learn a lot more from how bad this feels than he would from Underwood pulling him for Trent.

Bad game from Curbelo. Ball handling is going to be a concern all season. Hopefully the fouling is not.
No one can argue that we didn't deserve to lose tonight. We did. If Kofi misses significant time, we might be screwed if we play like this without him.

Curbelo has to wear a lot of this. Far too casual with the ball and you can't have that against a constant in-your-face defense like Shaka's. Ayo isn't around to do all the dirty work anymore. He either needs to understand the value of ball security or get someone else in there who does. That's all there is to it.


It’s not heroics we miss with Ayo. It’s the maturity and control he had with the ball in his hands. Let’s hope Curbelo uses This game to understand the spectacular play isn’t needed every time down the floor. As a PG, your job is to control the game and get teammates the ball in their best scoring positions.
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