Maryland 20, Illinois 17 Postgame

This is hard to swallow, but after the UTSA and UVA games this is a step in the right direction. We still don't know how to win, but we are getting closer.
How? They were in the drivers seat and went into run the clock mode with 10 minutes to go. They pretty much set the stage for the end result.


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Not to play devil’s advocate, but the offense lost a lot of key pieces tonight as the game went on, which I think caused the gameplan to get a bit out of sync. Peters didn’t have his first string weapons out there.

But Peters was also pretty bad. The red zone INT with MD on their heels after a second straight fumble is inexcusable, as is losing a game when you’re up 7 with under 5 minutes and Maryland at their own 14…
The offensive line is so dreadful. It’s unreal how much we miss Kendrick Green. I watched Lowe get manhandled so many times tonight. Rough loss. We were so close.
These types of losses are what keep fans out of the seats. Why would you pay to go see that when you can watch a loss like that in the comfort of your own home. At least I don’t have to drive home, I’m already here.

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I put the loss on BP. He needs to ditch that ball and not take the sacks. Goodness. We would have been better running for no yards. The guys were all gassed and tired.
A QB with zero pocket awareness is brutal to watch. Start Art next week.
No, I have seen that movie and its not good. Lets put a youngster in the game. I do not want to see Peters play again. He missed open receivers all night. I blame Peterson for this. Where is Spann? I know we do not have a stud receiver but we need to throw the ball with good passes.
We played and competed for 58 minutes. We gave it away! It’s not enough! I’ve never witnessed a total collapse like this one! I feel nauseous!
Welp, a whole 4 games in and it's clear our OC is in over his head. Do better next time, BB.
He is the only one when interviewed that is NOT impressive. Been really impressed with the rest of the staff’s knowledge and insight.