Michigan State 81, Illinois 72 Postgame

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Kofi getting into foul trouble the 1st half and having to sit and horrible FT shooting do us in. We do out-rebound them by 5
MSU was stronger, more athletic, quicker to loose balls. Great game plan by them. Crowded Kofi, fouled him to not let him get any rhythm. Didn't give up anything in transition to Ayo.

This was another opponent of the ilk of Mizzou, Rutgers, Ohio State, Maryland where Illinois just gets outmuscled/outathleted. Our bad matchups are teams that are strong/athletic and play half court.
Ayo, so so tonight. Seemed not into it. Kofi frustrated,. Trent brought it. Fouled out a big part of their team, but could not take advantange. Still missing soooo many free throws. They wanted it, we just were not there. Hope losing now brings victory the rest of the way (or at least when it counts). How many times has MSU lost a bunch and got to the final four and also won it all. Why not us?
Yep, Big Ten title hopes are gone. Honestly, they probably died with the Maryland game, because you can’t leave yourself zero margin for error.

With that said, we’ll have plenty of opportunities (three) for truly great wins to catapult us right back into top seed conversations. Will we show up? We have to figure something out as far as being mentally prepared. I’m honestly most worried about Nebraska at home. If we can survive that one (am I SERIOUSLY saying that for a top 10 team?!), I think we can snag one of the other three.

If we beat Nebraska and only also beat Wisconsin, we are likely in 3-seed territory. Snag one of the other two, as well, and we are still comfortably a 2. If we got the stink out of our game tonight and can win out, we’ll be a 1.

Needless to say ... practice our damn FTs, remember (AGAIN) what happens when you don’t come to play and then MOVE ON. I’ll be really disappointed if we don’t come out and take our frustration out on what should be a clearly inferior Nebraska squad.
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Kofi needs to learn out to find the open man if he gets triple teamed. I know he shoots a high percentage, but not when there are 3 defenders.

Also the kicked out 3 is a very high percentage shot. So much rhythm to be had when it comes straight back out from the post.
Yes. Kofi has made huge progress with his post footwork and finishing (tonight mostly excepted), but he has not made any progress yet on passing out of the post. Needs to happen.
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