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Not sure where to put this but man did Groce mess you not bringing Caris Levert here haha
Draft lottery was held tonight. Bulls jumped up in the lottery and will pick #4 in this year's draft. Current mock draft on as well as Jeff Goodman have them taking Obi Toppin, F, Dayton.


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I think for them it's more about not wanting to distract away from what is going on right now in Kenosha and wanting to bring about real and lasting change.
To take that a step further, they are essentially saying, "we will not shut up and be your distraction from the problems this country faces". When these players take off their uniforms and drive home, or are out in public, they still have the same fears as every other man of color in this county. I applaud them for standing up and walking out for what they believe in.

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Remember when Groce *almost* landed Jamaal Murray? Before Kentucky swept in late? Dude has been on a terror these past few games with the Nugs. Love seeing it.
Bulls just hired Billy Donovan. Sweet!

Solid hire that will give the Bulls credibility on a couple of different fronts. First will be the construction of a coaching staff that hasn't been seen in Chicago in years. Also, any free agent who comes to Chicago will hear directly from the coach why he chose the Bulls.
Maybe so though I get the point he's making. They wouldn't use Noah for high leverage situations and he would likely be a 15th person on the bench that would be inactive most nights and would only play when you needed a guy to log some minutes in a game.

oh yeah I’m full on board for jo, he should be loved by bulls fans for life. I just literally read this exact comment on the bulls subreddit very shortly after the hiring became public.


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not sure if this has been discussed before (did a search, couldn't find it) or if it's the right thread to post it in (feel free to delete/move if necessary). I'm certainly not trying to start a flame war around this highly sensitive topic. I just thought it was an interesting, and meaningful, take from a fellow illini. I feel like a lot of people are like Meyers and are on this middle ground but their voices are drowned out and/or are misunderstood.
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