NFL Thread 2021-2022

I looked at the stats and they lined up with what was generally a competitive game where Green Bay was just a little better. Slightly more first downs, yards per play, and time of possession, and total yards. I thought that was a sign of good progress but then realized Bears still only had 277 yards of total offense. I don’t think the Packers’ D is all that special. I don’t think this staff is the answer.
As far as I can tell, they’re the only team in NFL history with back to back 15-year Hall of Fame QBs.

Montana-Young are the only other pair close.

The Rams had Waterfield followed by VanBrocklin in the 40s and 50s. Neither had careers as long as Favre and Rodgers.

The Dolphins only had a couple years between Greise and Marino.

The Cowboys had a very good qb - Danny White - in the middle of Staubach and Aikman.

The Raiders had very good qbs - Lamonica and Plunkett - on either side of Stabler.

The Patriots had a very good qb in Bledsoe before Brady showed up.


Geneseo, IL
Do any of you have Hulu Live? I got the first couple of minutes of the game Sunday and then got the "temporarily unavailable" message for the rest of the game. At least I didn't miss an exciting Bears win over the Packers. I've never been a big fan of Nagy since the beginning. He talks a lot but says very little. It's stunning how bad the Bear's offense is in year 4 of his regime. They are last in ypg at 246, 21 yards behind the Jets. They are last in passing ypg at 117. 117! You have to try to be that bad. The Saints are second to last at 169, 52 yards more than the Bears. I guess he has the built-in excuse now of starting a rookie QB. Third from the bottom in scoring. At least they are 7th in rushing. When he talks he sounds like he has no idea how bad they are and it's clear he has no idea why they are bad. It's just getting really tiresome, and I'm still sticking to my hypothesis that he and Pace have been told they have job security.