Northern California Wildfires

Out here in the west, during this time of year, the hot days often produce huge thunderhead clouds in the late afternoon. These clouds seldom produce rain, but almost always produce "dry lightning" (lighting without rain). The lighting that hits the ground (as opposed to going between thunderheads) always produces a fire, and it becomes a race to get to the strike area and put out the fire before it gets out of control.

Yesterday, there was an article saying there were 367 active wildfires in CA.

If you have been to the Napa and/or Sonoma wine country, you know how beautiful these areas are. Zoom in to take a look at these areas on this CA fire map:
make sure the "active perimeters" button is clicked in the "toggle layers" icon (like a stack of papers)

There are 5 wine regions within Sonoma, and the huge fire west of Sonoma is at high risk of taking out the whole northern half of these 5 regions, including my favorite, Dry Creek. If the fire moves south, it will take out the Russian River wine region around Guernville.

If you know Napa, most of the fire is just east of the Napa Valley, but the fire completely surrounds Lake Berryessa, and extends all the way down to Vacaville on US 80. Things are not looking good for Vacaville, and perhaps even Fairfield, just to the west of Vacaville. There are hundreds of thousands of people living there.

Please say a prayer for these folks, and for the firefighters trying to save them.
This is a video of 2 trucks escaping thru flames in Winters, CA, which, on the map, is not even in the fire zone yet.
If a burning tree had fallen across the road they were on, they probably wouldn't have made it.
Below the video, there is a photo of the truck's melted taillight.

Winters is not too far from the UC Davis campus

After the video ends, there is another commercial, then a time lapse video of the lightning strikes across the San Francisco Bay area.
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