OC Barry Lunney extended thru 2025

The work Lunney has done with Tommy DeVito, who currently has the 3rd best QBR in the B1G and the 26th best nationally, is worth the extension by itself. A good coordinator can fix things like questionable red zone play calling. But developing a QB and building a functional system around him in one year is something you fundamentally either can or can't do. Lunney has shown he can. And that's in addition to producing the rushing leader in the NCAA.
Now if we can install the pass into our offense to go with the run... we will be a major bowl player for years to come... gotta pass the ball more
Excited to see who the QB transfer options will be gotta think someone will jump at this opportunity.
Seriously. Nothing against Tommy, as I think he is a very good QB, but I would argue the offense we run is making a good QB look great! That isn't say to he can't be or isn't a great QB, of course, but merely that our offense compliments his skills perfectly and brings out the best in him. You would think a potential transfer is noticing!


For those with very short term memories, we lost our best deep threat in Spann, our most reliable 3rd down receiver in Barker, and 6 out of 13 touchdown receptions. What exactly were you expecting? Sorry, but I’ve gotten annoyed with all the carping about Lunney since the MSU game. I think he’s done a fine job and that doesn’t mean perfect or there’s not room for improvement.

From the article linked above:

“Lunney has improved Illinois' yards per game by 83.3 from last season, the biggest improvement in the Big Ten by more than 20 yards.“

“Illinois has made tremendous year-over-year improvement in the national rankings on offense, jumping 121 spots in completion percentage (3rd from 124th), 74 spots in passing efficiency (47th from 121st), and 59 spots in yards per game (53rd from 112th). With Lunney's quick-paced and efficient offense, Illinois has become the most improved passing team in the country with a 20+% improvement in completion percentage, by far the best in the nation.“
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Being able to not only have success on the field but also being able to retain your coaching staff is a really big deal for recruiting. Seeing athletes perform at elite levels under a given coaching staff and knowing that there is additional security to them staying on after you commit and a stable program is huge. Great extensions, and it should have decent if not significant payoff.

And it's a great selling point to say look at how well we developed the 3 star RB, QB, and defensive players and turn them in All-B10 and All-American candidates, imagine what we can do for you.
I just don't like those screens to the outside that never go anywhere and usually get our guy lit up.

Other than that and some playcalling(he'll get better at it), extension definitely well deserved.