Ohio State 68, Illinois 63 (OT) POSTGAME

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Chicago, IL
We must have had 4-5 missed front end of 1 and 1s. Just sad, and WTH was Malcolm thinking at the end of regulation?
What in the actual heck was that ending?

B1G protecting the bigger $ brand

But seriously that's almost as bad as that mid-major game the other day where the refs got suspended for swallowing their whistles
Nothing like having upperclassmen to lead the team. I don't want to say Hill lost us that game, but he sure didn't do ANYTHING to help us win it. Maybe the poster that said Hill is thinking about the NBA is right. With how selfish he has played lately, it sure seems like it.
Welp, that ending pretty much sums up the last decade of Illinois basketball.
Charleston, IL
WTF not one but 2 calls that cost us the game!
In college basketball today where you can't breathe on a guy without getting a foul called and Malcolm gets punched and there's no call? Can't even blame the refs though. Thad Matta was trying to give Groce that game as a departing present.
You could see Nunn just stand there after Hill turned it over. He looked like he just wanted to walk off the court.
I'm so so so tired of this. I don't know what needs to be done but, Illinois is less then an afterthought in CBB and that makes me very sad
A good game to watch but frustrating. I like the symmetry though. Malcolm screws up at the end of regulation and OT. Thank you.
I love how they have to add "Matta, the Illinois native" in the post game interview. Didn't Geunther pass on him at one point?
Shawnee, KS
FT's were key. But I have been supportive of Groce this year. Coaching was a huge problem tonight. Groce not BIG quality...
Good effort by our guys. Fought until the end and gave ourselves a chance in OT instead of giving up.
Great effort, poor execution. The fact that they were in the game despite the horrible shooting is amazing. If they were able to make a few free throws they may have won. With the missed front ends they left at least 15 points out there. Oh well, at least they competed.