Pat Chambers stepping down from Penn St

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Penn state deserves all allegations they have coming to them, after the Peterno and Sandusky debacle. I dont care football, basketball, tiddle winks, I hope Penn state never competes again. Pat Chambers had a good thing going, glad hes gone
well, as a south central PA Illinois fan I have to say Chambers being a turd is very disappointing. He had turned Penn St around and our win last season was the best environment we have every seen in the Bryce Jordan. When will society learn that you must treat each other with respect. Blown away that he would be engaged in this behavior.
Not Iowa
So glad that from the news conference that Penn State's "internal investigation was thorough..." Whatever. Like any word coming out of their AD department means anything. If he was 27-4 last year, he'd still be there - they've shown us all that it is sports above all, and then they have the gall play the victim card that the NCAA is too hard against them. Their athletic department is disgusting. Please PSU - spare us all the drama and news conferences. Where were the news conferences announcing firings and public distancing during the Paterno/Sandusky "investigations"? Oh that's right..
Somehow PSU reaches a new low. Didn't know it was possible. Hope chambers has nightmares as he slithers through the rest of his life.
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