Poll: Who does TyTy Washington pick?

Where will TyTy Washington commit to?

  • Illinois

    Votes: 98 74.8%
  • Creighton

    Votes: 17 13.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 16 12.2%

  • Total voters
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This is really interesting. The good news is that BU has been shown to consistently run a 3-guard offense so there is room for TyTy along with Curbelo and Miller. IMO the real question for him is if he wants to be "the man" which he is more likely to be at Creighton. Illinois probably has a higher ceiling as a team, especially if we get Mac E (I'm not going to slaughter the spelling here :) ).

Since he is actually from AZ, I doubt he has a preference of Big East vs Big Ten unless he grew up a fan of a team in one of the conferences. Wonder why no Pac12 teams are in on him?