Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Tuesday, March 2nd, 6:00pm CT, ESPN

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Illinois at Michigan
Tuesday, March 2nd
6:00pm CT
I wrote after Neb game that it wouldn’t surprise me if Ayo is out until BTT. Hopefully he’s back for OSU, but think a good chance he doesn’t play against UM. Thought Illini could still beat Wisky cuz of D, and outside of late game Trice heroics Illini D was strong. Beating UM without Ayo will be quite an upset I think. Illini D can keep team in the game, I just worry if we’ll have enough offense in this game. Howard’s team has looked really good on D.
Lol really? Hawkins made a rookie mistake if he really let something like that slip. Brad would be on his behind...
I wasn’t on the live but an illinois basketball page said he said that.


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Major yikes. There is a reason Brad and staff don't disclose stuff like this. Huge competitive disadvantage to have stuff like this come out.
yea it’s not real known, still a chance ayo plays but concussions usually take some time depending on how bad it is. Want him 100 for the bet/tourney
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Win against Wisco pretty much locked us up a 2 seed IMO. We are playing w/ house money in terms of NCAA seeding.
I really agree with you on the two seed after winning at Wisconson , I sure hope though Ayo can get healthy to participate after all he sacrificed last year with no tourney , to only come back and play with this years team and get to the tourney but only to get a untimely injury.

Ayo`s health first and foremost no doubt though , sure hope he gets to "DANCE" though !!!!!

This team is getting incredible time learning to play without Ayo which very soundly helps the team...Let`s give Michigan a game with or without Ayo (get healthy young man) The experience the last two games and the next two contests are huge for this team....DEFINING !!
i don’t think ayo will be back for this game, Coleman Hawkins on his instagram live said he has a concussion. Really hope he’s back for this game but if he’s not well enough why risk it.
I want to be slow to judge a kid. So if I am reading this wrong, let me know. But Coleman Hawkins telling his Instagram about Ayo really boils my blood. Underwood is obviously keeping things under wraps and that is smart.
Dallas,TX , Born and raised in Alton,Illinois
If I remember correctly, Michigan pre-season was not picked to perform as well as they have. Curious to hear how folks attribute that prediction and why they have performed above it.
I myself thought they would be a tourney team come March (but not at their current record and no way a #1 seed-that`s why they play the games , right?) , but Livers playing the way he has , the pleasant surprise of Dickinson`s play (man he is scary moving forward) , Wagner playing solid as can be and the way Brown plays( reminds me a lot of Vitale at Baylor , think I`m spelling his name correct.) this years Michigan teams play all year , is rightfully justified at their ranking and Big Ten title looking it is theirs to take , they 110% have taken the bull by the horns" and took and earned everything coming their way.
Michigan plays the game the right way , the defensive communication and offensive play speaks for itself of their efficiencies and hustle is there that doesn't show in the stats . They will be a tough out in the tourney barring health or doubt...they just don`t beat themselves.
Just checked KenPom and was shocked to see that Michigan is edging out Baylor for #2 now. Did not think anyone was going to catch the top-2 of Gonzaga/Baylor. Michigan is legit. Not expecting to go into AA and win, especially with Ayo either out or coming back and playing hurt, but hope it'll be good experience to play a team this good this late in the season, win or lose
#23 doubt...they just don`t beat themselves.
This is really it and what I think most worry about our team. Still, I'm optimistic despite scheduling, injury, etc. Our team has soul, grit and a track record of battling back. As BU said in his last couple of pressers, "bring it on"!
Dickinson has been the major surprise. Smith fit a huge need and Brown adds depth. Three additions and a completely different team. Have to give coach credit for adding the right pieces and blending them. That said I hope it was sxxx luck and never happens again.
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