Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, February 20th, 2:30pm CT, FOX

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Illinois at Minnesota
Saturday, February 20th
2:30pm CT
Got a bad feeling about this game after the way we’ve played the last few and how Minny plays at home.
Agree 100 percent. Calling a L here!
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I disagree. We know that was our last gimme game. I think we're going to come out hard.
Seems like we play more focused on the road. Hopeful, but will be another very difficult game. I do love our guys' ability to not fold when taking other teams' best shot every night. Keep pushing, great year so far!
Have a feeling this will be a close one. We will come out intense though. Hopefully aye daggers at the end! Let's keep the streak going boys.
Trying to get a read on Minnesota. They seem to be all over the place.. Some good wins, some bad losses. Blown some teams out, been blown out.
Their big freshman, Robbins, is nursing a sprained ankle and may not play against IU tomorrow. If he's hurting this weekend, that's going to be a serious issue for the Gophers.
Denver, CO
Sorry boys, but this one is already looking like an L. No one can penetrate the magic of the Barn.
Minny lost to Maryland at home, and Illini are better than Terrapins. Gonna be tough, but Illini keep streak alive with a W.
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