Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, February 20th, 2:30pm CT, FOX

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Illinois at Minnesota
Saturday, February 20th
2:30pm CT
Got a bad feeling about this game after the way we’ve played the last few and how Minny plays at home.
Agree 100 percent. Calling a L here!
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I disagree. We know that was our last gimme game. I think we're going to come out hard.
Seems like we play more focused on the road. Hopeful, but will be another very difficult game. I do love our guys' ability to not fold when taking other teams' best shot every night. Keep pushing, great year so far!
Have a feeling this will be a close one. We will come out intense though. Hopefully aye daggers at the end! Let's keep the streak going boys.
Trying to get a read on Minnesota. They seem to be all over the place.. Some good wins, some bad losses. Blown some teams out, been blown out.
Their big freshman, Robbins, is nursing a sprained ankle and may not play against IU tomorrow. If he's hurting this weekend, that's going to be a serious issue for the Gophers.
Minny lost to Maryland at home, and Illini are better than Terrapins. Gonna be tough, but Illini keep streak alive with a W.
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